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Bokeh is a light, easy to drink hazy IPA. The main feature of this IPA is it's smooth drinking quality. Oat malt and our house ale yeast creates a full mouthfeel, while the hops (El Dorado & Idaho 7) adds a fruity flavour with an aftertaste of pineapple and pine. This is not one of those excessively hopped type of hazy IPAs. We tried to make a balanced hazy where the second (or third) pint is just as enjoyable as the first. (6% ABV & 25 IBU)

The name Bokeh is pronounced (bok-ay), like "okay!" but with a "b" at the beginning. Well known as a photography term referring to the pleasing or aesthetic quality of an out-of-focus blur in a photograph. But, keep the "ay" pronunciation short if you mean it as a Japanese insult, as in "kono bokeh (you cloud-headed fool)." 

Bokeh is our second small batch brew release. It is part of our new experimental collection of beers. Let us know what you think! 

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