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Growler Fill + NEW Growler
Growler Fill + NEW Growler
Growler Fill + NEW Growler
Growler Fill + NEW Growler

Growler Fill + NEW Growler


Now offering growler fills for home delivery and local pickup! Each order comes with a NEW growler. (We are working on an exchange program - details to come!) The price of a new growler + the beer is included in the price listed. If you haven't been able to visit our brewery yet but want to try some of our draught options - this is a great way to do it! Only 64 oz growlers are currently available.

Tasting Notes:

Willowisp Pils - Crisp, light, easy to drink lager. Finish has a herbal hop note. (Pilsner, 5% ABV & 25 IBU)

This Cascadian Life - This light lager is brewed with flaked rice and a generous late-addition of hops from Cascadia. (Rice Lager, 4.8% ABV & 16 IBU)

Cairn Common - Amber in colour, showcasing rustic woody hops and toasty caramel flavours. (California Common, 5% ABV & 30 IBU)

Sweethearts IPA - Our core IPA showcases the lovely flavours of local, BC grown hops; Pine & citrus undertones with a distinct stone fruit and subtle tropical fruit flavour. (IPA, 6.7% ABV & 70 IBU)

First Blood Orange - Fanta-like, medium-bodied wheat ale. A fan favourite. (Imperial Wheat Ale, 7.5% ABV & 15 IBU)

Gentle Giant - Smooth, creamy and full flavoured with a hint of mint. (This beer contains lactose.) (Mint Chocolate Stout, 5.7% ABV & 18 IBU)

Blackberry Way - Blackberry Way is our newest fruited amber sour! It has a tart base with notes of dried fruit which amplifies the sweet earthiness of the blackberries. This brew drinks like a chilled red table wine, goes down easy and still has enough complexity to keep things interesting. This brew is lower in ABV and has a drier finish than our other fruited beers. (4.5% ABV & 6 IBU)

Bokeh - Bokeh is a light, easy to drink hazy IPA. The main feature of this IPA is it's smooth drinking quality. Oat malts and our house ale yeast creates a full mouthfeel, while the hops (El Dorado & Idaho 7) adds a fruity flavour with an aftertaste of pineapple and pine. (6% ABV & 25 IBU)

The Dark Side of Town -  SOLD OUT A dark German lager, our Schwarzbier is surprisingly light and dry. Coffee-like aromas from German malts. (Schwarzbier, 5.3% ABV & 28 IBU)

The Colour of Pomegranates -  SOLD OUT A juicy fruit sour with raspberries and pomegranates. Balanced tartness and a slightly sweet finish. (Raspberry Pomegranate Sour, 5.7% ABV & 6 IBU)

Stranger on a Train - SOLD OUT An easy drinking sour with bright acidity, citrus-forward hops give a sparkling lemonade experience with light bitterness. (Dry-Hopped Kettle Sour, 5.1% ABV & 23 IBU)


32oz growler
64oz growler
Willowisp Pils
Cairn Common
Sweethearts IPA
First Blood Orange
The Colour of Pomegranates
The Dark Side of Town
Gentle Giant
This Cascadian Life
Blackberry Way
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